Over the past year I have developed a healthy obsession with hunting down the best anti-aging supplements available… Maybe it’s because I’m now in my forties and my youthful reserve, well, let’s just say “it ain’t what it use to be.” So, in today’s post I will review some of my top anti-aging supplements for 2022. In order to be included in this list, the supplement must be:
  1. Slow down or, preferably, reverse the signs of “premature aging”,
  2. The supplement must be easily tolerated, meaning relatively free from negative side effects.
  3. Must be scientifically validated
  4. Must have clinically meaningful benefits

Top Supplement #1: Hydrolyzed Collagen

The first supplement on the list is hydrolyzed collagen (also called collagen hydrosylate) and boy do I love this supplement… The most common reason for recommending hydrolyzed collagen to my patients is for joint distress and arthritis. That being said, the benefits of collagen go well beyond the benefits to the joints.
Collagen is the most abundant protein within the body; it’s the stuff that holds everything together from the joints to the bones to the muscles, skin and organs. When the body becomes deficient in collagen, it becomes dysfunctional and can cause tissues to degenerate… Tissues like the skin and joints… Do you know the number one cause of collagen deficiency? Aging…​​After the age of 20, our collagen production drops by approximately 1% per year. So, by the time you reach 70, your collagen production is approximately half what it was when you were 20. In the interest of brevity, here are the highlights of hydrolyzed collagen:
  1. Stronger joints – Hydrolyzed collagen is now my most recommended supplement for arthritis, surpassing glucosamine and chondroitin. Why? The simple answer is, “It just works better.”
  2. Stronger and healthier skin – One study on hydrolyzed collagen peptide found that women who took collagen daily for 12 weeks enjoyed increased collagen density, firmer skin, decreased wrinkle depth, and less skin dryness.
  3. Stronger bones – Admittedly, there isn’t much data on the impact of collagen on bone strength, but collagen is the primary protein within bones and acts as the scaffolding for the minerals. It’s my belief that collagen will prove quite beneficial for bone health as it has for joints and skin.
  4. Stronger hair and nails – The hair and nails are not very important to the body so they will get last grab on important nutrients. This makes them a good barometer for how well nourished your body is at this point in time. If your nails are weak, it could mean other tissues, such as the bones, may not have what they need for optimal function.

Although more can be said about the importance of collagen within the body, this should suffice for now!


How To Take Hydrolyzed Collagen

The product we recommend is Collagen Hydrosylate by Great Lakes. The recommended dose is 1 tablespoon twice daily. Collagen Hydrosylate by Great Lakes is produce from grass-fed cows free from unwanted hormones. For those who prefer a non-bovine source of collagen, we now carry Marine Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins. This is a wild, red snapper sourced collagen formula. That’s all for today, watch tomorrow for the next top supplement of 2016!

Products Recommended:


5 Anti Aging Supplements That Really Work
Top Supplement #2: Perfect Amino XP

Just like hydrolyzed collagen, Perfect Amino XP has to do with improving repair and recovery of proteins within the body.

That being said, there is a big difference between Perfect Amino and collagen, however…

Whereas collagen supports joints, skin, and bones, Perfect Amino supports the muscle, organs, and immune system.

Yes…you can use both supplements and the benefits would be synergistic.

Perfect Amino XP delivers what’s called “Essential Amino Acids” in precise ratios to stimulate amazing repair and regeneration of the body.

In fact, unlike other protein supplements, which are poorly utilized, 99% of the amino acids in Perfect Amino XP are used to repair the body.

Compare that to other protein sources:

  1. Egg protein where 52% is wasted, only 48% is utilized
  2. Meat Sourced Protein where 68% is wasted and only 32% utilized
  3. Whey & soy protein where 72% is wasted and only 18% utilized
  4. Branched Chain Amino Acids where some studies suggest 99% is wasted and only 1% utilized

The end result is people FEEL the difference…

Our patients report hair growth (both men and women), improved energy levels, improved muscle strength, stronger nails, and more!

No other amino acid/protein formula is as effective for strengthening the body’s recovery system.

I’m so impressed with this formula that it has overtaken whey protein as my choice protein recommendation!

There is one problem, however…it doesn’t taste great.

That’s okay though, because the benefits are worth it.

So, here are my key points for Perfect Amino…

  1. You need to take enough of it. Most people will need to take 10 grams per day to really feel the benefit. This equates to two scoops or 10 tablets daily.
  2. The Perfect Amino is so well used, it is even safe to use in kidney disease patients (though I would start with 5 grams per day)
  3. Perfect Amino is vegetarian and made in the USA by a highly reputable company.
  4. Unlike other protein powders, Perfect Amino has 0 grams of sugar.

So, if you feel run down, weak, or like your body isn’t able to recover like it did when you were younger then give Perfect Amino XP a try.

One final tip…

Perfect Amino works best when it is taken away from other proteins, including hydrolyzed collagen.

To incorporate both supplements into your regimen, take the full dose of Perfect Amino in the morning and 2 tablespoons of hydrolyzed collagen at night.

This is the PERFECT combo because Perfect Amino XP increases energy and vitality while hydrolyzed collagen helps to calm the brain and promote healthy sleep patterns.

Here’s a link to the Perfect Amino and the hydrolyzed collagen we recommend:


Once-Daily Health Booster | 60 softgels
Top Supplement #3: Once-Daily Health Booster

Today, let’s switch gears a bit…

The third supplement in the top ten for 2021 is a formula called Once-Daily Health Booster.

Once Daily Health Booster, by Life Extension Foundation, is a blend of nutrients and whole foods designed to protect the cells from a spectrum of aging factors…

I love this formula because it is taken once daily, with the largest meal of the day. Here’s a list of the ingredients and their benefits:

  1. Gamma E with Mixed Tocopherols – This form of vitamin E is a powerful inhibitor of an especially damaging free radical called peroxynitrite, which has been linked to premature aging.
  2. Vitamin K1 & K2 – Keeps calcium in the bones AND out of the arteries
  3. Macuguard – This is a blend of carotenoids that are especially powerful at protecting the eyes from free radical damage.
  4. Saffron extract – Helps to protect the eyes from damage.
  5. Wild Blueberry Extract – Helps to protect the brain and arteries from damage.
  6. Chlorophyllin – Helps to protect the DNA from damage caused by exposure to carcinogens found in our everyday diet.
  7. Lycopene – Carotenoid known to protect the prostate and arteries.
  8. Methyl-B12 – Improves memory, protects nerves, and helps to maintain healthy energy levels.
  9. Sesame Seed Lignan Extract – Helps to increase absorption of the gamma E with mixed tocopherols.
  10. Cyanidin-3-glucoside from Black Currant Extract – Protects the eyes from damage caused by UV light and other things.

All that in one softgel. That’s why I love this formula.

I usually recommend this to be taken at dinnertime because that is generally the largest meal of the day and the nutrients in this formula will absorb best when taken with food that contains some fat.

In addition, after a larger meal it is not uncommon for the muscles that surround the arteries to contract, which can place excess strain on the heart…

When antioxidants, such as those found in this formula, are taken at mealtime it can help to decrease these spasms and prevent the post meal blood pressure spike that can occur.

This is especially important for men over 50 who are at greater risk of sudden heart attack…

There’s no doubt that our cells are under constant assault from excess free radicals, which promotes premature aging…

I am not a fan of taking large doses of a single antioxidant, instead, I prefer to take smaller quantities of a spectrum of antioxidants. The Once-Daily Health Booster delivers a nice spectrum all in one softgel and each bottle lasts 60 days.

Here’s a link to the formula: 


Thorne Research Berberine-500 60 Caps
Top Supplement #4: Berberine

As you can see from the headline above, this is the fourth in a series of ten regarding my top ten supplement picks for 2016!

Let’s briefly review:

Hydrolyzed collagen – 1 tablespoon twice daily – Great for arthritis, hair, skin, and nails.

Perfect Amino XP – 1-2 scoops per day – Great for muscle strength, muscle recovery, energy improvements, hair, and overall vitality.

Once-Daily Health Booster – 1 softgel once daily – Broad spectrum antioxidant and nutritional support to slow aging and protect the heart and blood vessels.

The next supplement on the list is a product called “Berberine”…

Berberine is a natural plant compound, found in a number of herbs, which activates an enzyme system within the cell called AMP Kinase (AMPK).

AMPK is super important for healthy blood sugar, in fact, one of the most effective diabetes drugs, metformin, works primarily by activating AMPK…

…but, the importance of AMPK goes well beyond blood sugar management, it has powerful anti-aging benefits as well.

When AMPK isn’t functioning optimally, which happens as we age, it sets us up for diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and possibly even cancer.

Anything we can do to keep the AMPK pathway working in our body will help to keep us more youthful and healthy!

Berberine achieves this goal better than any other supplement, in fact, some research suggests that it activates AMPK even better than metformin!

​​In one study, both metformin and berberine lowered blood sugar, however, only the berberine improved cholesterol levels.

So, let’s get into how to use it…

First, if you’re generally healthy and want to take the Berberine for its anti-aging benefits, I recommend Berberine 500 mg by Thorne Research at a dose of 500 mg (1 capsule) twice daily.

If you have been told that you are “pre-diabetic” or suffer from insulin resistance, I recommend the same formula taken 1 capsule three times daily with each main meal. (alternatively, you can take two caps at breakfast and one capsule at dinner)

If you’ve been diagnosed with full-blown diabetes, I recommend that you take a formula called Glucose IR (which combines berberine with other powerful blood sugar support herbs and nutrients). Recommended dose: 2 capsules twice daily to start (up to 3 capsules twice daily for stubborn blood sugars).

Our goal with supplements like the four that we have discussed so far is to attempt to restore youthful reserve by providing building blocks needed for recovery and repair while activating the anti-aging enzyme systems that slow the aging process.

Here are the two formulas discussed in this section:



Fructo Borate
Top Supplement #5: Fructoborate

So far we’ve cover the first 5 top supplements of 2016-2017, they are:​1. Hydrolyzed collagen – Joint, skin, and nail health. 2. Perfect Amino XP – Muscle and organ repair, energy and vitality 3. Once-Daily Health Booster – Broad spectrum anti-aging support 4. Berberine – Healthy blood sugar, cholesterol, anti-aging support.​Today, we’re going to talk about a supplement that helps to lower inflammation, build the bones, regulate immune function, lower PSA (potentially lowering prostate cancer risk/aggressiveness of prostate cancer), balances hormones in both men and women, stimulate antioxidant production at the cellular level, and more!​A tall order, I know, but the science is there, which is precisely why it makes the top 10 list for 2017…​The supplement is called “fructoborate”, and it’s a highly bioavailable form of boron.​Here are the benefits of incorporating this patented trace mineral formula into your program…​First, fructoborate decreases the excretion of both calcium and magnesium while stimulating bone cells to get to work building new bone. Let’s not forget that osteoporosis is one of the hallmarks of premature and inappropriate aging. Contrary to popular belief, osteoporosis is not a natural process of aging.​This makes fructoborate one of the few supplements that promotes the REMINERALIZATION of bone. This is also why fructoborate was added to my osteoporosis protocol this year along with a silica supplement called Osteo-Sil (didn’t make the top-ten list this year, but there’s always next year!)​You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the supplements on the top 10 list for this year offer multiple benefits and today’s recommendation is no different…​Fructoborate seems to also lower C-reactive protein and rapidly decrease inflammation within the body… One study noted significant decreases in pain and swelling of osteoarthritis patients who took it for 8 weeks.​What’s fascinating is how it appears to work…​When the immune cells are called to an area of trauma, damage, or inflammation, they unload bursts of free-radical compounds that act to break up bacteria, viruses, fungi, and damaged tissue. This is a great thing, unless the cells unleash too many free-radical bursts…​Fructoborate appears to normalize the bursts of oxidants so that you get just the right amount of punch to the area that needs it without overdoing it…​In essence, your immune cells become an effective sharp-shooters rather than just unloading a barrage of machine-gun fire at the bad AND good cells!​In addition, fructobotate appears to stimulate your cells natural antioxidant production. (We’ll talk more about this later) For now, just know that fructoborate has antioxidant benefits, even though it is not an antioxidant in and of itself.​Next, research into boron has shown it to be quite helpful in regulating hormone production in men and women alike. This may help to normalize testosterone and estrogen for stronger bones and improved vitality.​The last benefit is for the men…and that is potential protection from prostate cancer.​In population studies, men who consumed the most boron in their diets were 64% less likely to develop prostate cancer.​In addition, in mice, boron supplementation lowered PSA levels by 87% AND decreased prostate tumor size significantly.​Not all boron supplements are alike…​Fructoborate is the form that is identical to the boron found in fruits and vegetables! It absorbs best and sticks to the cell receptors better than any other form.​This makes it superior for results…​I recommend 5-6 mg per day for most people.​For those people who are dealing with a lot of inflammation that does not respond to other supplements (like turmeric), the recommended dose is 5-6 mg twice daily for 6-8 weeks followed by 5-6 mg daily.​There are two formulas available that contain fructoborate…​The first one is called Fructo Borate by BioImmersion. This formula contains just pure fructoborate (6 mg per capsule). This is great for those who want to keep things simple or for those who have a lot of sensitivities.​The other formula combines fructoborate with alkalinizing fruit, vegetable, and herbal extracts to promote a healthy pH, which may also be beneficial for people with osteoporosis.​​If you choose to use the pH Alkalizer PM formula, you can take 3 capsules or one scoop of powder (which is a pleasant grape flavor) per day – each serving delivers 5.4 mg of boron.​I prefer the pH Alkalizer PM formula because of the pH and antioxidant support. For those people who like it simple, choose the Fructo Borate formula as an alternative.​Here’s are the links to the formulas:​

Advanced Bio-Curcumin® with Ginger & Turmerones | 30 softgels
Top Supplement #6: Turmeric

When people find out I am a holistic pharmacist, they often ask “If I could only take one herb, which one would I choose?”

Without missing a beat I say, “Turmeric”…

Now, it they would have broadened their question to all supplements it would be more difficult because there are so many important and powerful nutrients and extracts…

Many I have already covered in this email series! And many I have not…Omega-3, vitamin D, vitamin K, minerals, astaxanthin, lutein, to name a few…

But among herbal medicine…it’s easy…turmeric.


Turmeric has so many powerful benefits within the body that you simply must add it to your supplement program…

First, NOTHING quells inflammation better than turmeric extract…

Science is now reporting that inflammation is a key promoter of premature aging AND the diseases that are characteristic of aging, such as: heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, etc..

If you’re thinking, “But Dr. Ray, I don’t have any pain or stiffness. So do I need a supplement like turmeric?”

The answer is, “Yes.”

Although turmeric is great for pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other “inflammatory” conditions and diseases, it’s equally important for low-grade inflammation associated with premature aging.

This type of low-level inflammation may be imperceptible with the only way to know you have it is through a test called high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

In fact, scientists have a name for this type of low-grade inflammation…it’s called “Inflam-Aging”.

We see low-grade inflammation in the arteries of people with heart disease, in organs and tissues that develop cancer, in the brains of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and in many other health challenges.

Turmeric quells the flames of inflammation, which accounts for much of the benefits associated with this powerful  spice.

Next, turmeric seems to assist the body in removing tangled proteins and metabolic garbage from the brain, which may help to protect your memory and brain throughout the years.

Research also suggests that turmeric may help to keep the immune system healthy, especially in those with chronic allergies and autoimmune conditions.

Curcumin, the most active compound in turmeric, is also considered a powerful antioxidant to the body, which can protect your cholesterol and cells from oxidation-induced damage.

Research also suggests that the compounds in turmeric may also help to prevent unhealthy cells from growing in the body. That could make it more difficult for cells to become cancerous.

Other research suggests that turmeric may also protect the body from unwanted estrogen compounds that are commonly found in the diet and environment. These estrogen compounds have been implicated in breast and prostate cancer.

As you can see, the benefits associated with turmeric are many and the risks are few. To date, the only complaints I have had is some stomach upset in people who are sensitive to spices. These complaints are uncommon.

There is one problem…

The benefits can only be seen if you absorb the compounds found in this powerful spice. Curcuminoids, found in turmeric, are notorious for being very poorly absorbed and these compounds are associated with much of the benefit…

Two formulas have come to market that dramatically increase the absorption and utilization of turmeric in supplements…

The two formulas are Meriva and BCM95.

Although you can’t go wrong with either formula, I’d recommend starting with the Advanced Bio-Curcumin by Life Extension because it is fewer capsules to take and has the most research behind it.

For general health and anti-aging benefit, you can take one capsule daily.

For anyone suffering from arthritis or other inflammation, the recommended dose is 1 capsule twice daily.

If you have an especially sensitive stomach, you may want to opt for the Meriva.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day for general health and 2 capsules twice daily for arthritis or other inflammation.

Which is best?

They both work well, because they both have superior absorption.

As a special for subscribers, for the first 24 people who order either Advanced Bio-Curcumin or Meriva, I’ll send a free 10-capsule sample bottle of Life Extension’s Super Bio-Curcumin to try (which contains 400 mg of the BCM95 – the same form found in the Advanced Bio-Curcumin).

Just click one of the links below to order. If you call your order in, just mention this email and they’ll add a sample bottle into your order for free.

Note: I was only able to get 24 sample bottles, so it’s first come, first serve! 🙂


Anti Aging Oral Supplement
Top Supplement #7: Euromega-3

Next on the list of top 10 supplements for 2017 is a formula called Euromega-3 and, I should point out that this one is a big change from past years…

No doubt you already have a good grasp on the importance of omega-3 supplements and you’re probably sick of hearing about all of the benefits of fish oil…

If you’ve been following my work over the last year then you have probably heard that I have been swaying away from fish oil towards a whole fish extract called Euromega-3.

Euromega-3 is a tablet or capsule rather than oil-based formula. This more closely mimics the consumption of fish and thus the benefits associated with eating fish 2-3 times weekly.

To review, here’s why I have shifted towards Euromega versus omega-3 fish oil…

1. Stability – Fish oil oxidizes readily once the oil is removed from the fish. In fact, studies have shown that even good quality fish oils have relatively high levels of oxidation by the time they hit the shelf of the vitamin store. Euromega has 0 rancidity because the oil remains in tact within the fish protein. Although there’s no evidence that rancid fish oil is harmful, I don’t want to chance it…

2. Absorption – The first thing that you’ll notice is that the omega-3 content of Euromega is relatively low compared to other oil-based products. This is a benefit because the oils found in the fish extract are in a phospholipid form that is easily absorbed into the cell allowing you to get more benefit with less oil.

3. Whole food – Fish oil is a fractionated food product, Euromega is a whole food. When the oil is removed from the fish they often must alter the oil structure. When you take a Euromega capsule or tablet, it’s just like eating fish without the heavy metals!

4. No Burps – Euromega is the best tolerated omega-3 supplement on the market! Many people can’t take fish oil because they burp up a fishy aftertaste, this is far less common with Euromega.

Most of the scientific evidence suggests that most of the benefits associated with fish can be received by eating wild-caught cold-water fish two to three times weekly.

This means that eating fish 4-7 times a week offers little benefit over eating fish 2-3 times weekly.

Taking 2 tablets of Euromega each day can be approximated to consuming fish 2-3 times weekly.

If you eat fish once or twice weekly, I recommend taking 1 tablet daily as insurance. If you are not a fish eater, such as mysefl, then take 2 tablets daily.

Allow me to give you a bonus tip here…

The EPA and DHA, found in fish, are not the only important fatty acid compounds in the diet. I highly recommend that you try to incorporate more nuts and seeds into your diet to get more ALA (alpha linolenic acid).

Alpha linolenic acid is called a “Parent Essential Oil” and can be used to manufacture small quantities of EPA and DHA within the body.

If you have difficulty incorporating more nuts and seeds into your diet, we carry a pre-ground flaxseed called “FortiFlax” which can be added to cereals, salads, and other foods for extra ALA!

Here are the links to the products mentioned:


Anti Aging Supplements And Vitamins
Top Supplement #8: High-Polyphenol Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

So we’re on to number eight of the top ten supplements of 2016/2017 and the truth is, it’s not actually a “supplement”… Today, we’re going to discuss extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO); but not just any olive oil…SUPER olive oil! The research is clear that eating a “Mediterranean diet” is far, far healthier than eating a standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and one of the key components of the Mediterranean diet is extra-virgin olive oil…. …​​however, there’s a big problem AND a big misconception about olive oil… First the BIG problem… When research tested many of the olive oil brands found in grocery stores, they discovered that many were either poor quality or total fakes! That’s right…TOTAL FAKES! This brings me to the BIG misconception… That is that all of the benefit from olive oil stems from it’s high content of monounsaturated fats. The truth is, the benefits of monounsaturated fat are paltry compared to a very special form of antioxidant found in EVOO, called polyphenols. Even though there are polyphenol compounds found in many different plant foods, EVOO has some very powerful polyphenols that are unique to the olive. As I mentioned, there are a lot of fake and poor quality EVOOs on the market. These products will likely have little to no polyphenols.​​There is one that stands above all others, which is actually laboratory-tested to assure the highest quantity of polyphenol content available. Best of all, this olive oil is organic, U.S. produced (from California), AND it taste’s absolutely fantastic! It’s called California Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it’s produced for Life Extension Foundation, a company with the highest quality standards! When you get your olive oil, the first thing I want you to do is take a small amount (1/2 to 1 teaspoon) and swallow it slowly… After a few seconds, you’ll start to feel a strong tingling sensation on the back of the throat. What you’re feeling there is the polyphenol content, a simple way to determine potency of the oil! Let’s briefly discuss some of the powerful benefits of EVOO: 1. Improved Nitric Oxide Levels – A study from the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology touted the blood pressure lowering effects of EVOO. In the study they discovered that the polyphenols in EVOO make nitric oxide more available to the cells, which results in a healthier artery lining and more relaxed blood vessels! 2. Contains Alpha Linolenic Acid – Alpha Linolenic Acid is a parent essential fatty acid (Omega-3) which has been linked to a 45% decrease in sudden cardiac death. 3. Powerful antioxidant – As mentioned earlier, EVOO contains powerful polyphenol antioxidants, which are cousins to the free-radical scavengers found in green tea extract. These antioxidants protect cholesterol from oxidation and protect the arteries. 4. Protects against inflammation – Both the monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and the polyphenols found in olive oil have anti-inflammatory effects within the body. There’s more, but I’d say that’s enough for now :)​​Now, let’s discuss some very important details about incorporating EVOO into your diet… I do NOT recommend simply taking olive oil as a supplement like you do with fish oil (i.e. off of the spoon)… Some of the benefits associated with EVOO are linked to crowding out unwanted oils such as inflammatory trans fats and omega-6 fats found in many vegetable oils. So, when you get the California Estates Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, I want you to take it by the bottleneck and use it to buck the corn, canola, soy, or vegetable oil into the trash. Then use the extra virgin olive oil in all of your recipes. Although EVOO is relatively stable in cooking, I recommend people add it to finished foods such as salads, pre-cooked foods, and soups. The only food that I cook with EVOO is in sauces, such as when I make a fine ragu for the family. The temperatures are far lower than when frying and so the oil won’t be harmed. Here’s a link to the 

Nrf2 Renew 120 Caps
Top Supplement #9: NRF2-Renew

On to the 9th supplement in my top 10 nutritional supplements of 2017.

So, let’s get to it…

The ninth supplement in the top 10 list is a formula called NRF-2 Renew by Allergy Research.

This year I announced a totally new approach to antioxidant supplementation, but before I review that, let’s quickly discuss free radicals…

Free radicals can be thought of as exhaust from your cells. This exhaust can pollute your body and damage other cells, almost like greenhouse gases causes causing global warming.

In fact, free radicals are known to speed up the aging process and promote diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and more.

It’s also a little known fact that certain things, common to our lifestyle and environment, can lead to increased production of free radicals. These can include: smoking, pollution, stress, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and aging to name a few…

The old approach to fighting this common cause of premature aging was to supplement with lots of vitamin antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E in an attempt to absorb these free radicals before they damage other cells.

Sadly, this approach was only modestly effective with research suggesting that it did little to slow down the aging process or to prevent the diseases associated with aging.

Scientists later discovered that each vitamin antioxidant was good at squelching only certain types of free radicals leaving other types of damaging free radicals unsquelched.

In addition, it was discovered that free radicals aren’t all bad…in fact, some free radical stress triggers a rejuvenating effect to the cells…

For example, exercise can increase free radical stress by increasing oxygen uptake and utilization in a similar way that driving a car at a fast speed increases the amount of exhaust.

This type of free radical stress can be healthy…

Think of it like lifting weights to build muscle. Lifting weights actually damages muscles causing a response by the body to build stronger, more resilient muscles.

It is this rebound rejuvenation effect that led to the discovery of this new, far safer and far more effective approach at controlling free radical stress!

You see, when the body is exposed to some free radicals, it activates a rebound recovery system within the cell called the NRF-2 pathway.

When NRF-2 is activated in the cell, the cell turns into a manufacturing plant for what’s called endogenous antioxidants!

Endogenous antioxidants are antioxidants that are produced by the cells to neutralize the exhaust! What’s amazingly awesome about the NRF-2 pathway is that it is tightly controlled by the cell making it unlikely that you would over shoot the health mark…

Remember, some free radical stress is healthy. NRF-2 allows the body to control the process and deliver just enough defenses to protect the cells from damage without interfering with the benefits of things like exercise.

This brings me to the NRF-2 Renew Formula…

NRF-2 Renew is a blend of plant-sourced antioxidants that are known to stimulate the NRF-2 pathway in a very gentle way. This helps to support the body’s own detoxification and antioxidant pathways.

The result is a balanced and broad-spectrum blend of free-radical neutralizing antioxidants flooding into the blood in just the right amounts at just the right time!

There’s no doubt that aging can interfere with our ability to activate the NRF-2 pathway. A formula like NRF-2 Renew simply helps us to nudge this process back into a more youthful state, restoring our ability to recover from free radical stress caused by adrenal stress, high blood sugar, too much fat in the diet, pollution and more.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules for everyday support.

There’s more to be said about this formula, but I promised that I’d keep it simple today…

To summarize, NRF-2 Renew contains an assortment of plant compounds including green tea, sulforaphane (from brocolli extract), ginkgo biloba, pomegranate, milk thistle, olive leaf, and chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans.

These potent extracts work synergistically to promote healthy NRF-2 activity, thus turning your cells into a detox and antioxidant manufacturing machine!

Here’s a link to the product: 

Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula with VERISOL® | 90 tablets
Top Supplement #10: Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula With VERISOL

The final supplement of the top ten supplements for 2017 is more of a “fun” supplement in that it doesn’t beat up on a major killer disease or even a condition that causes debilitating pain…

Nothing heavy like that…

This supplement is for thinning hair, skin and nails. Three areas that men and women alike complain about on a regular basis in our office.

It’s funny, but many clients report that they’d gladly leave this world a couple years earlier if they can go out looking glorious! In essence, they want to look younger, not just feel younger.

And you know what? I’m of the belief that a little vanity is good for the body and soul because often internal “dis-ease” presents on the outside!

The formula that I’m referring to is a formula called Hair, Skin And Nails Rejuvenation Formula With VERISOL.

This formula actually surprised me because thinning hair and brittle nails have been a difficult thing to treat…

When my wife started taking this formula and reported significant benefits (because, of course, family are a holistic pharmacist’s first guinea pigs), I was intrigued…

Then I gave it to the manager of The Expert Nutrition Center and SHE reported the same benefit…thicker hair and new sprouts of baby hairs!

Soon more and more people started reporting benefits and it quickly started to become one of our most popular formulas for the outward signs of aging.

What’s interesting is that this, the tenth in the top ten, brings us full circle to the first two supplement recommendations…

You see, the Hair, Skin, and Nail Rejuvenation Formula delivers two protein/collagen compounds…VERISOL, which is a patented bioactive collagen peptide and Cynatine HNS, a solubilized keratin supplement (the protein found in hair and skin).

These two compounds have been clinically studied specifically in support of hair, skin and nails.

In an eight week study in women, VERISOL was found to provide a 18% decrease in eye wrinkle volume and a 7% increase in skin elasticity – an effect that was even more pronounced in the women of the study who were over 50.

Cynatine showed an 11.5% improvement in wrinkles and a 50% improvement in hair brightness and luster.

Aside from these two collagen building blocks, the Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula delivers other beneficial vitamins and mineral, such as biotin and silica, for further support for the skin, nails, and hair.

More importantly, the formula works in real life practice. I say this because that is not always the case with supplements for skin, hair, and nails.

For example, biotin alone is often ineffective in real practice even though research suggests it may help improve hair and nails.

That’s not to say that biotin isn’t important, it’s just that it’s one piece in the puzzle.

We’ve seen far more consistent benefit in women (and some men) who opt for the much more comprehensive Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula than when they opt for the cheaper and less expensive biotin supplement.

The recommended dose of Hair, Skin & Nails is 1 tablet three times daily with each meal. After 3-6 months, I recommend dropping to 1 tablet twice daily.

This formula would work synergistically with other supplements on the top ten list.