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How To Prevent Many Diseases With One Supplement

Dr. Bruce Ames announced that he had a new theory of aging, which he named, “Triage Theory”.

Triage theory states that when the body does not have sufficient nutrients to feed all tissues equally, the urgent needs of the body will outweigh the less urgent needs, even if they both share a high level of importance.

Dr. Ames suggests that the body is doing the same thing; prioritizing immediate needs above the future needs of the body.

To protect against the consequences of biological triage, you must make sure that there is an abundance of nutrition that is available to the body so that important processes are able to function on all cylinders.

There is a supplement that combines 5,000 iu of vitamin D3, 1.1 mg of vitamin K2 and 1 mg of whole-food iodine, vital nutrients for those body processes. The product is called Vitamins D and K with Sea-Iodine by Life Extension Foundation.

Is Vitamin D Toxic?

Based on this paper alone, we can establish the following:

Vitamin D is extremely safe up to doses of 4,000 IU per day

Vitamin D is probably safe up to doses of 10,000 IU, provided you are monitoring blood tests and keeping the blood levels within the optimal range of 50-80 ng/ml

400 IU per day is likely a sufficient dose for infants

600 IU is way too low for pregnant women and adults, even though the IOM suggests that it is sufficient

Blood testing is recommended to assure that you are within the optimal range.

The IOM provides no definitive evidence that higher doses of vitamin D are toxic; they are assuming toxicity based on a lack of evidence that doses higher than 4,000 IU per day are safe.

Natural Solutions to Body Odor

In conventional medicine, everything is compartmentalized. For example, when you walk into a cardiologist’s office, they have a tendency to view you as a heart with legs. They do not see a connection between the health of your heart and the inflammation in your joints or anywhere else in the body. In holistic medicine, everything […]

Statin Drugs Side Effects Outweigh Benefits

Statin medications have side effects and risks.

Each person should assess the benefits versus the risks of taking these medications.

At best, statins delay heart disease, not prevent it.

Medical literature does not support the concept that the benefits outweigh the risks of statin medications.