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The Expert Nutrition Center is proud to carry the entire line of Standard Process and MediHerb!

In keeping to the policies set forth by Standard Process, we are not permitted to sell Standard Process products over the internet…

To purchase Standard Process from The Expert Nutrition Center, you must first call and have a FREE consultation with our pharmacist.

If you are currently being managed by a healthcare provider who has recommended Standard Process, simply tell the pharmacist this during oyur free consult and he will work with the program that you are currently following.

To set up your FREE CONSULTATION with Dr. Ray Hinish, call 888-794-4325.

Once your consultation is complete and we have a plan prepared, you will be able to order your products via phone and have them shipped to your door or pick them up in our Owings Mills office if you are local.

Standard Process requires these consulations to make sure that you are being followed and managed properly by a qualified healthcare provider!