Vitamin D3 Liquid 10000 IU 2 Oz


Boost your Bone Health with Vitamin D3

Everyone knows you need calcium for healthy bones, but vitamin D is just as important. For ultimate bone support, get Vitamin D3 by Vinco’s.

This liquid, emulsified, fat-soluble, tasty supplement provides 10,000 IU of D3 to promote calcium absorption for improved bone mineralization, growth and remodeling.

Although the body can manufacture vitamin D from sunlight, we’re getting less and less from this natural source. With more time spent indoors under artificial lighting for work or to avoid too cold or too hot weather, and with ample application of sunscreen when we do venture out, many individuals are deficient in vitamin D, which can have significant implications for our bone health.

In addition to supporting healthy bones, vitamin D is also very important for immune system function. A large dose might be able to help you ward off illness during the dreaded cold and flu season.

And just like the sun, vitamin D is also good for our mental health. Regular vitamin supplementation can help with mood disorders and keep us from feeling blue.

So boost your bone health and more.


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