Thyroid Gland 60 Capsules


Natural Thyroid Support

If you suffer from a thyroid condition, you know all about the miserable ups and downs that affect your energy and well-being. Get natural support for healthy thyroid function with Thyroid Gland by Vinco.

Thyroid Gland is a thyroid support supplement with natural, freeze-dried New Zealand bovine thyroid tissue.

With actual bovine thyroid tissue, Thyroid Gland contains elements required by your own thyroid for healthy function.

The thyroid gland, located at the front of the neck and rich with blood vessels, secretes several hormones that play roles throughout the body. These hormones influence metabolism, growth and development and body temperature. They also play a critical role in the brain development of children.

The main hormone produced by the thyroid is thyroxine, or T4. If levels are too high or too low, an array of symptoms can occur, interrupting your daily life and impacting your overall health.

With a single capsule once or twice a day, you can help regulate your thyroid’s hormone production for fewer symptoms.

Don’t let your thyroid disorder disrupt your life


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