CardioAid®-S Plant Sterol Esters is aunique dietary supplement ingredient with the ester forms ofthe plant sterols Beta-Sitosterol, Campesterol andStigmasterol. Plant Sterols are plant-derived compoundsthat are structurally similar to cholesterol.  They have beenfound to compete with cholesterol in the digestive tract,thereby limiting its absorption.*  In this way, CardioAid®-Scan help to maintain cholesterol levels already within thenormal range.* Foods containing at least 0.65 grams per serving of plant sterolesters, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily total intake ofat least 1.3 grams, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cho-lesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.  A serving ofProto-Sitosterol Plant Sterol Esters with Fish Oil supplies 1gram (1000 mg) of plant sterol esters in a base of fish oil.


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