Glukokine 60 Tablets


Balance Blood Sugar Naturally

Sugar may be sweet, but it’s often not sweet to you and your health. Help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels with Glukokine by Vinco’s.

Glukokine features Bitter Melon Concentrate and GTF Chromacin to help support normal carbohydrate metabolism and absorption of glucose by the intestine for support of normal glucose tolerance without elevating insulin levels.

Bitter melon, a vegetable in the gourd family that grows in subtropical regions, may support glucose tolerance, helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. While many supplements use low-dose bitter melon extract, Glukokine features a high-dose concentrate for ultimate health-supporting results.

GTF Chromacin, or Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromacin, is a biologically active form of chromium responsible for binding insulin to cell membrane receptor sites. In this way, chromium acts as a transporter and enables insulin to work for normally, helping you maintain lean muscle mass and a healthy weight, support normal cholesterol, and even control appetite and cravings to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Glukokine tablets have a pH sensitive coating to allow for absorption at the most beneficial region of the digestive system.


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