Chromacin GTF Formula 60 Tablets


Support for Healthy Weight Management

Do you struggle with your weight? Do you want to manage it in a healthy way without starving yourself or harming your overall nutrition? Support your healthy weight loss goals with Chromacin by Vincos.

Chromacin is a true, highly bioavailable GTF chromium to help curb cravings, accelerate fat metabolism, foster healthy insulin response and preserve lean muscle.

GTF chromium is glucose tolerance factor chromium and is more easily absorbed than other chromium compounds.

Chromium enhances the action of insulin, which plays a variety of important roles related to weight.

  • Needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat
  • Anabolic hormone that inhibits loss of lean muscle mass while dieting
  • Enhances thyroid function by aiding conversion of T4 to the fat-burning hormone T3
  • Helps regulate area in the brain that controls feelings of hunger
  • Plays a role in serotonin synthesis to help control cravings for carbohydrates

With healthy diet and exercise, Chromacin can give you a boost on your road to a healthier you.


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