CalApatite Bone Builder Extra Strength (formerly Cal Apatite 1000) 90 Tablets


Maintain Strong Bones with CalApatite Bone Builder Extra Strength

Bone loss and weak and brittle bones are very real issues that a large number of people deal with every day. While calcium can be found in a number of foods, many people still don’t get enough from their daily diets every day. CalApatite Bone Builder Extra Strength from Metagenics is the perfect supplement to help address this issue.

Product Features:

  • It contains MCHC, a bovine-sourced calcium supplement that is highly concentrated and supports complete bone health
  • You’ll benefit from 1,000mg of calcium in just three tablets
  • You’ll also benefit from minerals, trace minerals, collagen, proteins, and bone amino acids
  • MCHC helps slow age-related bone loss and supports healthy bone mass and bone formation

CalApatite Bone Builder Extra Strength is formulated via cold-pressing technology that helps guarantee integrity and standardized ingredient levels. It’s also made without any of the most common food allergens and contains to artificial additives.


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