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Oracine ™ – Is it What it is Cracked Up to Be?

Recently I have been getting a number of questions about Oracine™, a formula trademarked and distributed by n3 Oceanic, Inc.; the makers of Res-Q 1250. As with their other products, Oracine ™ is marketed through a syndicated radio infomercial in talk show format. Claims that are being made range from: Improvements in athletic performance 1. […]

Is Vitamin E Making A Comeback?

It is no secret that vitamin E has been under attack by the medical community and press in recent months. Based on the findings from some very poorly designed studies, people have been throwing their vitamin E out the window. Is this the right decision? Some recent studies contradict the findings from the widely publicized studies previously reported.

Is Supplementation Necessary?

Not long ago, I got in a bit of a heated debate with a fitness colleague regarding the need for supplementation when someone has a “healthy diet”. What follows is a brief summary of some of my points regarding the need for supplementation. Since this discussion, I have added some supporting literature to make for a more objective discussion.

Get Your Stubborn Family Member to Take Their Vitamins

If you are heavily into nutrition, it is almost certain that your family members are not. I know this because I see this in hundreds of clients, not to mention in my own personal life. It is almost as though the big Pharmacist in the sky put you in the lives of the health-challenged to deliver them from their unhealthy ways.

Are Vitamins Killing Us?

You may have seen a number of recent articles that are calling into question the safety and efficacy of synthetic antioxidants such as vitamin E, C, beta carotene and vitamin A. Researchers analyzed 68 clinical studies with over 250,000 subjects in an effort to determine if these vitamin supplements resulted in a decreased mortality rate (what we call “funeral rates”).

The Right Way to Use Antioxidants

Back in the 1950s, a doctor by the name of Denham Harman published a now famous study that introduced the world to the free radical theory of aging and disease. In this theory, he stated that during normal metabolism certain compounds called “free radicals” are produced which ultimately damage the membranes of cells and are central in the progression of the aging process.