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Coconut Oil – Nature’s Healthiest Cooking Oil

Choosing the wrong oil for cooking can promote heart disease

Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is the Healthiest of ALL Cooking Oil

Extra-virgin coconut oil is a safe and healthy oil to use in cooking and you should enjoy this oil without fear of heart disease or high cholesterol.

I personally use and recommend the Nutiva Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil in my cooking

Anti-Angiogenesis – A Break for Cancer Prevention

We all have abnormal cancer cells in our bodies. Most of these micro-tumors are dormant.

Cancer can not grow larger than the size of the tip of a ball point pen without first developing a network of blood vessels.

If we can prevent abnormal cells from forming a network of blood vessels, we can render them harmless.Researchers are developing drugs designed to stop blood vessel growth (called angiogenesis). These drugs have had some success; however, they come with serious side effects.

Research has demonstrated that fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and some legumes have anti-angiogenesis compounds within them that may prove to be powerful cancer preventatives

Certain supplements may help to further concentrate food-based anti-angiogenensis compounds in the body

Is Cancer Really a Sign of Fruit and Vegetable Deficiency?

People who consume the most fruits and vegetables enjoy a 24% lower risk of colon cancer and 16% lower risk of colorectal cancer

Dr. Shinya, the father of the colonoscopy, suggests that we should eat 80% of our diet from raw fruits and vegetables

Dr. Shinya believes that there is a mother enzyme within these raw foods that may rejuvenate the body and protect us against disease

Are Nutrtitional Deficiencies Causing Falls in the Elderly?

Many falls are not linked to tripping or obstacles

Researchers recently determined that people who had low folic acid levels in the blood were at significantly increased risk of falls

For every 1 point drop in blood folate levels, there was a 19% increased risk of fall

The researchers also noted that vitamin d deficiency and depression were also linked to falls

Supplement with activated folic acid, called 5-tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) 1 mg per day

Supplement with 4,000-5,000 iu of vitamin D – tailor your dose to your blood levels.

What Causes Canker Sores? Could B12 Be The Link?

Canker sores are painful sores on the inner lip or tongue

Canker sores can be caused by physical trauma (like biting your lip or tongue) or out of the blue for an unknown reason

Recent research discovered that B12 deficiency may be to blame

After 6 months of supplementation with B12 people noticed significant decreases in number and severity of sores

The recommended dose of B12 is 1,000 mcg

Benefits of B12 were seen even if the subject had normal blood B12 levels

Toothpaste choice can also make a big difference. Choose toothpastes without sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate.

Another Reason For Menopausal Women to Take Fish Oil

Hot flashes are the number one complaint of women going through the change of life and is responsible for great discomfort and poor sleep quality

A recent study discovered that fish oil supplementation decreased the number of hot flashes from 2.58 per day down to 1 per day.

In addition to fish oil, an herbal remedy called Estrovera by Metagenics can be very helpful. 1 tablet in the morning.

Does Folic Acid Cause Cancer?

Researchers studied the effect of 1 mg daily of folic acid on the risk of colon cancer.

Researchers found that folic acid had no significant effect on colon cancer risk

When researchers analyzed the data, they found a non-significant increase in prostate cancer risk

The bottom line is that folate seems to have no effect, positive or negative, on cancer risk

U.S. Healthcare shown to be expensive and ineffecient

According to a recent report by the non-profit group “Commonwealth Fund” Americans get the poorest healthcare and pay the most when compared to four other rich countries.

The U.S. health care system ranks last when compared with Germany, Great Britain, Australia and Canada on measures of quality, access, efficiency, equity and outcomes

Prescription medications in the U.S. can cost 10 times or more for the same exact prescription medicine than in other countries.

The bottom line: If you want great health, take the reins and don’t rely on the government or the health insurance companies

We Thought That The Word “Anti-Aging” Was a Gimmic. We Were Wrong!

Loss of mitochondria is known to cause the cells to malfunction

As we lose mitochondria, the cells of the body age at an accelerated rate

Sarcopenia occurs when seniors begin to lose mitochondria and then muscle seems to disintegrate from the body

Researchers found that sedentary seniors showed 596 genes to be malfunctioning in such a way that was indicative of accelerated aging

They discovered that when seniors were placed on a weight training program their strength rebounded significantly after 6 months

At the end of the study, genetic analysis showed that the genes were now expressing themselves at a much younger level! The cells had literally become younger!