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How Much Do You Need To Exercise To Lose Weight?

Many experts still recommend 20 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week to lose weight…this recommendation is out dated

The American College of Sports Medicine is now recommending 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week just to maintain weight

To lose weight, the American College of Sports Medicine, recommends 250 minutes of moderate exercise per week

To lose weight in our obesigenic world, we need to immerse ourselves in a health and fitness lifestyle. Minimal effort simply won’t do.

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Does Folic Acid Cause Cancer?

Researchers studied the effect of 1 mg daily of folic acid on the risk of colon cancer.

Researchers found that folic acid had no significant effect on colon cancer risk

When researchers analyzed the data, they found a non-significant increase in prostate cancer risk

The bottom line is that folate seems to have no effect, positive or negative, on cancer risk

U.S. Healthcare shown to be expensive and ineffecient

According to a recent report by the non-profit group “Commonwealth Fund” Americans get the poorest healthcare and pay the most when compared to four other rich countries.

The U.S. health care system ranks last when compared with Germany, Great Britain, Australia and Canada on measures of quality, access, efficiency, equity and outcomes

Prescription medications in the U.S. can cost 10 times or more for the same exact prescription medicine than in other countries.

The bottom line: If you want great health, take the reins and don’t rely on the government or the health insurance companies

We Thought That The Word “Anti-Aging” Was a Gimmic. We Were Wrong!

Loss of mitochondria is known to cause the cells to malfunction

As we lose mitochondria, the cells of the body age at an accelerated rate

Sarcopenia occurs when seniors begin to lose mitochondria and then muscle seems to disintegrate from the body

Researchers found that sedentary seniors showed 596 genes to be malfunctioning in such a way that was indicative of accelerated aging

They discovered that when seniors were placed on a weight training program their strength rebounded significantly after 6 months

At the end of the study, genetic analysis showed that the genes were now expressing themselves at a much younger level! The cells had literally become younger!

More On Inter-Esterified Fatty Acids

When the government required that the amount of harmful trans-fatty acids be labeled on the package of prepared foods the food industry decided to replace trans-fatty acids with a more harmful equivilant called interesterified fatty acid.

The government does not require that the company label the amount of these harmful fats.

If the product contains “interesterified soy bean oil” or “stearate-rich oil” then the product contains interesterified fatty acids.

Aspirin for Cancer Prevention?

Can cancer prevention be as simple as an aspirin-a-day? According to a recent study, the answer is yes.

According to the study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute taking aspirin daily resulted in a 32% lower risk of colorectal cancer, 19% lower risk of prostate cancer, and 17% lower risk of breast cancer

Where ever there is inflammation in the body, there is a higher likelihood of disease. So anything that decreases inflammation could help to lower disease risk.

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Post Menopausal Women Who Lose Weight May Also Lose Bone

Menopausal women who successfully lose weight also seemed to lose bone density in the process

The study doesn’t prove that losing weight causes bone loss, only that eating a low-fat diet along with cardio could lead to lower density.

To lose weight healthily, cut carbs, increase protein, eat healthy fats, tons of vegetable based fiber and do resistance training in place of excessive cardiovascular activity

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