Heat to Decrease Pain

Using the DNA technology, the researchers found that heat receptors within cells can block pain receptors when temperature rises to 104°F or above. The heat seems to be able to stop the pain signal from being sent to the body. That works for about an hour. In short, apart from providing comfort, a hot water bottle can indeed alleviate that menstrual pain. Let’s not forget, though, that pain is an important messenger that we should not ignore! (Summary by Kasia Kines, MS, CN, CNS, LDN. Kasia is a licensed nutritionist at Your Prescription for Health. She can be reached atkasia@illnessisoptional.com)

Dr. Ray Hinish’s Comments: Though interesting, this just simply supports what most people already know…heat makes you feel a little better. This may also be one additional benefit of far infrared saunas which send head deep into the tissues.

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