Early warning hope for diabetes

Raised RBP4 levels were found in people with a condition called insulin resistance, which develops when the body’s tissues lose the ability to respond to the hormone insulin. Because insulin is necessary to enable the body to take up sugar from blood and convert it into energy, this impairment results in a build-up of glucose in the bloodstream. The measurement was tested on both healthy and diabetic populations and seems very reliable. It may become really useful as it will enable people to show their risk of diabetes before the symptoms set in, so they can take preventative measures early, possibly altering their life style to less sedentary and more healthy-diet oriented.

Of course, if RBP4 protein is elevated, there are drugs in place to lower it….but let’s not get there! (Summary by Kasia Kines, MS, CN, CNS, LDN)

Dr. Ray Hinish’s Comments:

This is nice but we already have a number of good markers for insulin resistance and diabetes. Some of these tests include fasting insulin levels, triglycerides, HDL, body fat percentage & blood pressure. Just for the record, I would like to point out that the “person at risk of diabetes” is everyone! We all hold the potential to become diabetic provided that lifestyle conditions are right for the proliferation of this health-state. For simplicity purposes lets just assume that if you eat a lot of refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, cake, candy, etc you are a good candidate for insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes. If you do not exercise on a regular basis, you are a candidate. If you are overweight, even a little, you are a candidate. Life is not so complex as to require complicated and expensive tests to determine your health, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I healthy?” If the answer is “no” then do something about it. If it is “yes” then reward yourself with a pat on the back and a nice relaxing jog. It the answer is honestly, “I don’t know…” Then look to these tests for clarification.

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