Complementary Therapy Use by Women with Breast Cancer

They found out that from 19.5% to 79.9% of the women in the survey used complementary therapy at least once following their diagnoses. Majority of those therapies were used on a daily basis. 73.9% of the women surveyed had low commitment to complementary therapies and those were more likely to be older and less educated compared to the women with a moderate-to-high commitment. The study clearly points to the popularity and need of adding complementary therapies to the medical therapy during breast cancer treatment.(Summary by Kasia Kines, MS, CN, CNS, LDN. Kasia is a licensed nutritionist at Your Prescription for Health. She can be reached

Dr. Ray Hinish’s Comments:

In my opinion this study does not demonstrate popularity of complementary medicine, it just shows that people are scattered in their commitment to whatever therapy they are pursuing. Whenever we speak to people challenged with cancer, we always say to them that whatever therapy you choose you need to be 100% behind it. You need to believe entirely in the treatment or when the going gets tough it will be easy for you to bail emotionally and spiritually. This study says to me that people are not behind either treatment and it is this scattered devotion that causes people to fail the challenge. When it comes to cancer we do not suggest an alternative approach, we suggest a complementary approach. This is only the case if you truly understand natural medicine and agree in the healing properties of natural products. You better believe that there are benefits to natural products in complementing conventional chemotherapy and radiation. The science is there, you just need to decide to learn about it.

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