When Stress Strikes, I Reach For . . .

This week I want to discuss a product that I always have handy during times of stress. If you are a regular listener of the show on Sundays then you have heard us discuss it in great detail. First, let me give you a brief primer on stress so that you can understand why this formula can be such an important component of any wellness program.

Years ago, a young post graduate student was looking for a scientific cause to dedicate his life to. Frustrated with his search, he decided to lend a hand to one of his colleagues who was running an experiment on a new drug. Selye’s job was to inject rats with the drug on a daily basis and monitor their response. Unfortunately for the rats, Selye did not have an experienced hand in handling lab animals. He would clumsily drop the rats as he tried to inject them and would end up chasing the rats throughout the laboratory. Eventually he would corner the rat, pick it up and complete the task of injecting the rat. After the study period was complete, the rats were “sacrificed” and the organs studied for indications of drug action or side effects. Unfortunately, the new drug seemed to be a failure as it appeared to cause the rats organs to degenerate and wither. In order to confirm the results Selye was required to run the entire experiment again which he did, this time with a more seasoned hand. This time around he was able to easily handle and inject the rats with little drama. When the study was complete, again the rats were sacrificed and the organs studied. Much to the investigator’s surprise the organs were all fine. What was different? Why did these rats fare better than the last bunch that were given the same drug? The answer would provide the young student with what would become his life’s work. It was determined that stress caused the organs to wither and degenerate at an alarming rate. In the first batch of study, the rats were severely stressed by the clumsy hands of young Selye. The second batch enjoyed a much higher quality, low stress life due to Selye’s more experienced hands.

Through Selye’s years of study he determined that stress of any kind would typically cause a non-specific stress response in the body. This means that stress caused from work stress would have the same effect as stress caused by being mugged or chased by a rabid dog. If this stress is sustained for a prolonged period of time then the body would suffer health consequences. In my practice and in my own life I have witnessed the impact of stress on the wellness, vitality and health of many people. The bottom line is chronic stress causes biochemical changes in the body that will cause genes to be expressed in a negative fashion. This can speed the aging process and promote devastating diseases.

In our society stress appears to be a part of our culture. We must do whatever we can to decrease the biochemical toll that this stress can take on the body. Although I believe stress management techniques to be the primary method by which we can protect ourselves from stress, we will forgo this discussion for now so that I may introduce you to a formula that has helped me and many of my patients through difficult life situations. This formula is called Vital Adapt .

Vital Adapt is an herbal tonic that was developed by famous herbalist Donald Yance. Donald Yance made a name for himself in the natural treatment of cancer and originally designed this formula to help people tolerate the stress of cancer diagnosis and treatment. I think that you can agree that few events in life would be more stressful than being diagnosed and treated for cancer. This formula worked so well that it was quickly adopted for use in people who were suffering with chronic, everyday stress. We started using this formula many years ago and the testimonials have been nothing short of astounding. People commonly report feeling more balanced, energetic and positive after starting the formula. Often these benefits are noted after just a few days of use. Unlike many other formulas, people also seemed to sleep better even though they felt more energetic throughout the day. Vital Adapt is composed of herbs called “adaptogens”. These herbs have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years as a means of adapting to stress. Many studies have confirmed this benefit and led scientific support to the anecdotes.

The formula comes as both liquid tincture and capsules. I personally prefer the liquid, but have also successfully used the capsules in patients. The recommended dose is 2 droppersful twice daily for general health and maintenance. I personally bump the dose up to 3 droppersful three times daily during times of stress. You can experiment with the dose to find which works best for your system. Each capsule contains the equivalent of 30 drops of liquid. This equates to a little less than one dropperful.

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