Two Questions That Determine Your Fracture Risk

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine recently determined that two questions out of a list of more than thirty questions had a high correlation with short term risk of fracture. What this means is that if you answer yes to either question, you may be more likely to suffer from an osteoporosis bone fracture.

The two questions are:

  1. Would you describe your current health as poor?
  2. Are you currently unable to move or significantly limited in your mobility?

If you answer yes to either or both of these questions then it is time to become aggressive at improving your health. Years ago researchers tried to determine what allowed some people to live past the age of 100. After punching in tons of data and compiling pages and pages of information through very sophisticated computers the machine finally spit out the long awaited results.

What did they find? Is the suspense driving you crazy?

What they found was centenarians (people who have crossed the 100 year threshold) lived long lives because they were…generally healthier people. Wow! Was that completely anti-climactic? Actually, I feel that it is quite profound. It certainly speaks to the result of the current study. We sometimes look for complicated blood tests and scans to give us our diagnosis and tell us what we need to do next, when maybe all we need to do is stare ourselves down in the mirror and give ourselves a hefty dose of honesty. Ask yourself, “Am I healthy? If not, how sick am I?” In order to avoid a deep state of depression, I recommend that you quickly follow this question up with, “What can I do to turn my health around and FEEL GREAT AGAIN?”

If the results of this study are correct, you can significantly decrease your risk of fracture within a relatively short period of time by deciding RIGHT NOW to make changes in your lifestyle that can result in major improvements to your health. I have prepared a special section devoted to those of you who want to make improvements in your health and it is available to you absolutely free. This “Getting Started” section will give you some very simple steps for improving your health so that you can quickly form a new answer to this vital question, “Am I healthy?”

For a more in-depth questionnaire that will give you more details about your true fracture risk, I recommend that you get the eBook Strong Bones Forever . I have included in the eBook a one page questionnaire based on some fascinating research that will give you more info about the quality of your bones. This gives you a more accurate representation of fracture risk compared to bone density alone.

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