Tinnitus – Ringing In The Ear


  1. Food allergies are a possible culprit in causing or triggering tinnitus. Avoid common food allergies such as wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy.
  2. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tonic water (with quinine).
  3. Do a trial with salt restriction as excess salt increases the pressure within the ears that can lead to tinnitus.


  1. Avoid nicotine and caffeine as they can constrict blood vessels in the ear and trigger tinnitus.
  2. Avoid exposure to loud noises.
  3. Mask the ringing with pleasant white noise in the background such as a fan, air conditioner or soft music.
  4. Tinnitus Masking Devices are small hearing-aid-like devices that produce a pleasant white noise that masks the unpleasant ringing. You may seek one of these devices out.
  5. Reduce stress because stress worsens tinnitus.
  6. Try this ancient tinnitus treatment. Make the “N” sound and hold the note as long as possible. Repeat this for 5 minutes at a time and do this ritual a few times throughout the day. It is believed that making this sound, which you can literally feel resonate in the ears, vibrates the small bones of the ears loose and enhances circulation.


  1. Vinpocetine 10 mg three times daily. This compound helps to enhance circulation to the ears and has been found to be an effective tool to normalize ringing.
  2. Melatonin – 3 mg 30 minutes before bed can help people who suffer with tinnitus get better sleep.
  3. Zinc 20 mg twice daily – Zinc deficiency is common in people who suffer with tinnitus.
  4. B-Complex Plus -2 capsules daily.

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