1. Eat foods that provide slow, sustained energy release. Decrease refined carbohydrates, increase whole grains, nuts and lean protein.
  2. Increase omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. Eat nuts, seeds, cold-water fish.
  3. Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine causes a stress response through stimulant activity. This can worsen stress reaction.


  1. Exercise is very important. Exercise helps to desensitize the body to stress hormones.
  2. Learn coping mechanisms for controlling stress response.
  3. Learn meditation techniques.
  4. Do not smoke or use tobacco products.
  5. Always start your meals with 10 deep breaths to reset your nevous system. This will enhance digestion.
  6. Your physiology determines your mentality. Stand up straight, stand in a confident manner and you will better handle stress.


  1. Adaptogen – 2 Capsules Twice Daily. This is a comprehensive blend of adaptogenic herbs that help the body to regulate stress hormones and bring the body back to balance.
  2. Pure Radiance C – 2 Caps Twice Daily. Stress depletes vitamin C.

If you have tendencies toward anxiety add:

  1. Theanine by Thorne Research – 1 capsule as needed for anxiety.

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