More On Inter-Esterified Fatty Acids

In a previous post we talked about trans-fat’s evil twin brother interesterified fatty acids.

To summarize, when the government required that the amount of harmful trans-fatty acids be labeled on the package of prepared foods the food industry decided to replace trans-fatty acids with a more harmful equivilant called interesterified fatty acid.

The reason? Because most people do not know what interesterified fatty acids are and the government does not require that the company label the amount of these harmful fats.

So how do you know which food products contain the interesterified fatty acids?

Look under the ingredient list, if the product contains “interesterified soy bean oil” or “stearate-rich oil” then the product contains interesterified fatty acids. This is not entirely fool-proof but at least allows us to weed out some foods with this oil. We will keep you up-to-date as more information comes to light.

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