Bacteria to Protect Your Gums

1. They are both a warm, moist chamber
2. They both play an integral role in digestion
3. They both are full of enzymes
4. They both are teaming with bacteria

Today’s story is going to focus on the last statement. Did you know that it is estimated that there are more bacteria in the digestive system then there are cells in your body? Most people just don’t realize how important the bacteria in our gut are. They help digest food, they produce essential vitamins and they act as a defense against harmful organisms that are trying to creep their way into our blood.

There is more to the story though, not all bacteria that reside in the gut are good. In fact, the biological soup that exists within our digestive system is a constant proverbial battle between good and evil. The good bacteria are constantly producing certain compounds that prevent the bad guys from being able to take residence and wreak havoc. The good bacteria are like superheroes in comic books, when they are strong and allowed to grow they are nearly unbeatable. There is a problem, however, many things that we do and are exposed to in everyday life can act as kryptonite to the superhero bacteria that reside in our gut. Some examples include:

1. Stress
2. Chlorine in water
3. High sugar intake
4. Antibiotic use

Now let’s move north and discuss the mouth. As I mentioned earlier, the mouth is teaming with bacteria just like the gut (although there are fewer strains and quantities). Just like the gut, the mouth should be full of superhero bacteria that make the oral environment unwelcoming to harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, these superhero bacteria are even more susceptible to weakening and it is very easy for harmful organisms to grow and cause plaque, cavities and ultimately gum disease. Recent research suggests that these super-villain bacteria can actually cause chronic inflammation in the body that could lead to heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune conditions and joint degeneration. You can see that proper oral hygiene can play a very important role in protecting the whole body from disease.

When the good bacteria in the gut weaken, we simply recommend supplementing with a probiotic supplement that helps to recolonize the gut with more superhero bacteria. One such formula is called iFlora by Sedona Labs. These probiotics can work wonders for people with all sorts of digestive problems. That is all fine and dandy but unfortunately there was no supplement to replace the good bacteria of the mouth, until now…

Over a year ago I learned of an oral probiotic that was under development that contained bacteria that are known to colonize and protect the tissues of the mouth. This supplement, when given by lozenge, would recolonize the mouth with healthy bacteria that beat up and kick out the super-villain organisms that cause so many problems in the mouth and body. I have been waiting anxiously for this formula to come to market and finally it arrived.

Research to date shows that these probiotic supplements can:

1. Decrease the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth
2. Decrease the number of cavities
3. Reverse the symptoms of gingivitis
4. Reduce the amount of plaque
5. Decrease the number and severity of mouth ulcers (canker sores)
6. Improve bad breath
6. Possibly decrease the risk of upper respiratory infection

Of course, this formula, called Advanced Oral Hygiene does not replace brushing and flossing. Instead this formula acts as one more potent defense against bacteria that lead to disease in the body. Simply dissolve one mint lozenge in the mouth at least twice a day after your brushing and flossing. If you have significant problems then you may want to dose more often throughout the day.

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