ABC News Reports Fosamax May Cause Fractures – They Should Have Listened to Us 10 Years Ago

In a recent report on ABC News, they reported on an alarming increase in the risk of what is called, “Spontaneous Fractures” in people who’ve been taking Fosamax for long periods of time.

A spontaneous fracture occurs when the bones break for no apparent reason; an example would be simply walking down the street or standing in a subway. In other words, no fall preceded the break. To see the report on ABC NEWS click, Fosamax Scare: Those with Osteopenia Gauge Risk .

In the news story, they interview a doctor who had been taking Fosamax for osteoporosis for many years when the femur, one of the strongest bones of the body, broke in half while standing in a subway train.

Another woman they interviewed, broke her femur while simply walking into another room of her house. Imagine just how weak the bone must get in order to break so easily.

This may seem like news to many, however, we reported on this issue a long time ago on our radio show Wake Up Healthy. Fosamax, and any medication in the bisphosphonate class, works by preventing the body from clearing out old brittle bone. Over the years, it gives the appearance of strengthening the bone because the DEXA scan will show improved density, however, the truth is, it’s simply causing the body to retain old, brittle bone. This chaotic bone structure will weaken even if the density appears to be improving or remaining the same. The FDA is stubbornly refusing to alert doctors to this potentially fatal effect of this debunked class of medication.

The bottom line is, we must stop looking to the pharmaceutical industry for a solution to a problem that is almost entirely attributed to diet and lifestyle. You can stop osteoporosis in its tracks and even reverse it if you take the proper steps. See our Osteoporosis Protocol for details.

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