A Personal Note on Vitamin D for Every Body

All of the research that is coming out regarding vitamin D is so overwhelming that I just wanted to write you all a note on my blog to discuss it.

Although we are seeing more research every day about how vitamin D impacts many different conditions, the likelihood is we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as what conditions will benefit from vitamin D supplementation. For example, here are some examples of recent data:

1. Low vitamin D blood levels increase risk of poor brain function by 200 percent. (J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol, 2008 Dec 10;)
2. Low vitamin D linked to increased risk of colon cancer (Nutr Cancer, 2009; 61(1): 70-5.)
3. Vitamin D protects against Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (Mult Scler, 2009; 15(1): 9-15)

Aside from these studies there are literally hundreds of other studies linking vitamin D to bone health, heart health, cancer risk, immune function, flu prevention, and much more.

The fact of the matter is vitamin D has hormone-like activity that interacts with over 600 known genes. By interacting with these genes, vitamin D can either activate or inactivate a certain process in the body depending on the need. This means, vitamin D may activate the uptake and utilization of minerals while simultaneously inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Few other nutrients have such a robust impact on the body.

On your next physical, ask your doctor to order a vitamin D blood test. I will warn you however, if it does come back low avoid the prescription vitamin D and instead opt for natural vitamin D3 which can be found at any health food store, if you can find the vitamin D with vitamin K, even better!

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